Friday, March 14, 2008


A customer came to this cyber cafe, asked me to do a job. "Dik, boleh tak tukarkan dalam surat ni sekian, sekian". What does it means? It means that she wanted me to do a forgery and deception. Then, I just shook my head and told her ,"Kak, saya tak boleh buatlah kak..".

There are two main reason why I refused the makcik's demand. The first one is that it is so difficult to do such thing. Since I'm not technically expert in computer's matter,I cannot do the forgery job. It really needs a specific technique,not just you scan the document and edit it with photoshop. People don't know this; they only know that the job have to be done. If not,someone could yell at you, saying you 'stupid'(although I had never experienced it yet) or just make people think that "a computer geek is just as idiot as they are".

Don't laugh at me, but the reality is that I'm really an honest man. I hate lying at people, but in certain circumstances, lying is a good option. But truly I hate document forgery, because every document must be accurate and "free from people's saliva." Many people, especially Malay, so happy of being granted and always take a shortcut, no matter what it takes.

So guys, if you want to make a document forgery, ask a criminal to do it. I can't.

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