Tuesday, March 25, 2008


"Love is pure, but impurities always come from the human being"

I had my bed lately last night. Usually at 1 a.m, my eyes becomes weak and cannot resist the sleeping desire (except if there is a man utd match). But this time, it's different. I was gripped by a movie on the hallmark channel, titled "No One Would Tell".

This movie is all about a 'stupid' love. Imagine that a girl had willingly being beaten by his own boyfriend, for the sack of love (lol). The reason of it; the girl thought that she had found her true love, with a popular and famous high school wrestling (not WWE or WWF)athlete. Her loved one, in the other hand, is actually a brutal man, equipped with a strong jealous feeling.

She could not realize it, and continue her relationship although had experienced a very harsh approach with him. Her lover controlled her so much, and consequently her good friend found her as 'anyone else' and 'too busy with her boyfriend' since she could not spend much time with her best friends.

And then, what was the end of the story?

At last, after being advised by her close friends and also her mother, she wanted to break up. But her boyfriend just could not receive it. Then, disaster took place. Of revenge and jealousy, he killed her at the place where they first met.

People often say that they willing to do anything for love. But have to remind you
that love is not "buta"(blind) but people do blind. When a person fall in love, they may lost their mind, I mean, they could not think rationally. Like the unfortunate girl. Poor her.

There are also people that misuse the religion as their tool of getting love. I read about a "mualaf" women that out of Islam because she only embrace Islam to marry
a Muslim man. How dare she is! Religion is not a play, should not be played. Religion is the way of life. If you embrace Islam only to marry someone, better not to do so. There are many other man that have the same religion of yours, and still eligible.

People are not blind at eyes, but blind at heart.


hisyam said...

sayangkan bunga, bunga kan layu
sayang manusia, manusia kan mati
sayang pencipta, kekal abadi

true love can only be achieved trough the love of our only god, Allah s.w.t.

van der shraaf said...

i strongly agree with you....

Faizal said...

ahh.. chenta.. manisnya.. :)