Thursday, March 6, 2008


I love my tongue,indeed, because my tongue can speak Malay. I'm proud of being Malay, although many negative perspective has been thrown towards this race. But yes, many of us do not happy to do so. Why? Because the Malay language is going to be a forgotten heritage.

I want to tell you my experience, of this critical situation...

Waiting for my SPM result, I had decided to do a part-time work. And lucky me, I had been offered for a job in a cyber cafe. Then,after working for a month, I had received my first salary. Although not so much, Alhamdulillah, I have to be grateful. I thought, at least I could buy a handphone.

Finally, I bought W 810I. Haha, I love that. When it comes to music, it palys its role very well. That handphone is actually not a latest version, but who cares?

After some times, I was suddenly getting bored with the English interface. So, I decided to change the default language. I wanted to change it with Malay.At first, I was quiet nervous, as if the Malay language is the Indonesian accent, just like my previous Motorola Handset. Hoho, then I "just do it". Look, it doesn't contain any Indonesian accent.What a relief!

It's not easy to adapt myself, using handphone in Malay. But Malay's Folks says "Alah bisa tegal biasa". After a few days, I could adapt well and still happy using that setting.

Last week, I played futsal with the friend-of-mine at Subang Jaya. (Everything was going well, no need to tell panjang-panjang lah!). When my friends looked at my handphone,they wondered "Apsal kau gune bahasa Melayu ar?". Then I answered "Naper, tak faham ke Bahasa Melayu?"."Tak de la, nampak pelik la..."

Huh, weird? Feel weird with your own bahasa? Haha, so ridiculous. But this had prove something;English nowadays influenced so much in today's technology,till the usage of Malay language, somehow look like idiot and not so intelligent (That's right dude,people only speak English so that they look clever, konon)

But I think no one have to be blamed of this problem. English indeed has become important in our life. In fact, no one could even use a computer unless they could understand English. For me,English is a good thing and we have to treat it as a good thing as long as it doesn't threaten the status quo of Malay language.

I don't want children in future says to their dad, words like "Why he is speaking Malay, dad?" or "Dad, he looks idiot in Malay" or "English for rich, Malay for poor". At the end, the only thing that differentiate the poor and rich, is Malay or English.

(Then, how could you write this blog in English?) Yeah, a good question. Just like this. If you want to talk to a cat, would you like to speak like a human, or speak like a cat? Unless they understand what are human talking about, you need to really speak to her (but can you talk "cat" language? I don't think so...).

Make the "intellect" understand, and changes take place.

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hisyam said...

ya mmg betul aper yg ko ckp.
Bahasa jiwa bangsa.
apabila bangsa itu sendiri sudah malu
untuk berkomunikasi dlm bahasa ibunda
-nya sendiri, di manakah terletaknya jiwa mereka?
Amik contoh jepun as a developed country, diorang mmg bangga dgn bahasa diorang sendiri smpai orang english yg kat sana kena blaja bahasa jepun, sama lah jugak dgn negara2 lain macam jerman