Saturday, March 29, 2008


"Give a man a fish, he could feed for a day; teach a man how to fish, he could feed for a lifetime."

Package, always being related to the appearance of a man or woman, and that's in fact a wrong perception. I used to think of that too. But the reality is, a package is like an advantage of one,besides his or her external looks.

Human being just like a product. I take an example : cookies. The very first thing a customer would notice of that cookies that sold in a market is of course, the packaging. The more attractive the packaging is, the higher possibility of someone to buy it. Yeah, sometimes, the packaging is not so well but people loves it instead. Why? Because of it's content. Maybe the cookies is the best cookies ever.

People is just the same. If you want to be successful, you must have at least one package. You could be successful if you're handsome (if you're a man) or beautiful (if you're a girl). This package usually needed in modeling and also singing. And some cases, companies tends to hire a good looking man. For them, the first appearance always help, although not absolutely true.

Then,if you don't have good look, you must have other package. You have to be more
inner; that is the quality and attitude. You may not handsome, but if you show a great spirit towards work and have high determination, you still can impress everyone.

After that, if you are not so hardworking but you're are well-mannered, you can still be successful. People in this package always have a powerful communication skills, and often socialize with society around him or her. In this way they could influence many people with their thought.

What if you have all of the packages? That's great. In fact, a complete package should include more than two packages. Actually it is. But it is not the worst if you have only one package. That's still all right. The worst thing is, if you're don''t have good look, lazy in works, and not socialize with other people at all. This kind of human, is totally loser and rubbish.

I always wonder, why poor people (especially in Malaysia) are still poor, instead of their good condition, with healthy body and not handicapped. And you now can see, even handicapped person could be rich and successful although they have lost their abilities. Why dude?

They seems don't have any initiative to make their life better. They tend to use the phrase "Rezeki secupak takkan jadi segantang" rather than "When there is a will, there is a way". We have to help them, but in different ways. If we often help them with money, why don't give them a job, so that the money could be double or triple in future?

For conclusion, everyone need package.

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