Monday, March 31, 2008


"What comes around, goes around; what goes up, must come down."

Since working in this cyber cafe, I had not been reading newspaper everyday. Instead, I would prefer reading wired newspaper (i mean, online newspaper). The content
is just the same, and the best of all, it's free. But still, it can't bring the feel of reading a "paper" newspaper.

Today's hot news, is the news of Sufiah Yusuf. I think you know this girl. Once she had amazed this nation with her brilliant mathematical ability, and would able to pursue her education to university at only 13 years old. That's was incredible. And that was.

Now,what she does? She is selling her body, to pay her house rent. You can read more about this news on main news web site in this country.

This is true according to karma. I don't mean that I really believe the principle. But in our life, we can't guarantee if we will always at the top when we are there. We could lose anything in anytime. We just don't know.

That's why, in Malay culture and Islamic teaching, we are forbidden to "lupa diri"
and not too proud of ourselves. Instead, we are encourage to be humble and moderate in our life, even when we achieve success.

We have to climb a mountain for 1000 years, but we could fall with only a second.

[Credit to Harian Metro for the hot news]


One more thing, I don't think she have to be blamed fully for this incident. Her father in fact have a greater role on making her daughter's life upside down. As her father, he should not force her too much until it causes psychological problem. He also need to be more concern on his daughter's necessities, and not too driven by his desire.


Anonymous said...

I agree when you said life wont always be at the top. we will still fall down as time passby. But what you should really know is that it is not only her fault for not being matured enough to think what is right and what is wrong. but also because physical abuse by her 'so-good' father sexually that lead her to her worse life ever..pray may Allah lead her life well asap..

hisyam said...

Pity on her. May this event reminds us not to take things in this life for granted.

What we have today may be lost by tomorrow. May Allah guide us and her in facing this cruel world

van der shraaf said...

I agree with both of you...what we can do is, wait and see...hope that she will be all right

小籠包Jason said...