Sunday, March 16, 2008


Many people think that an emotional person and a negative person is just like the same. Do you think so?


There still a difference. An emotional person, is sometimes so happy till everyone also get happy too, and then when they are so sad,entire world would cry for them. In the other hand, they could express their own emotion at the maximum level.

Meanwhile, a negative person, is described as "see things in a gloomy and numb look, no sunshine, no flower, only black and white". They could be a shy person, or maybe, a hot-tempered one.

So, the difference between negative and emotional person, is emotional person at least has a little bit of positive mind, but negative person is entirely negative. No more positive.

Dealing with a negative person, through my experience, is such a really bad thing. What would you do if your colleague is a negative person? Yell at him/her regularly? Make a brainwash every week?

If you do so,it will never work. Just ignore them. Don't get yourself 'infected' with such person. If they always treat you like you're a rubbish, and always "buat muka masam", let them be themselves. If you react to their behavior just like they behave, that's a sign that you're infected. Always behave and think positively.

(Hehe...sometimes have to talk rubbish in order to release tension!)

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Faizal said...

yeah, sumtimes we have talk rubbish..