Tuesday, April 15, 2008


I woke up this morning with a very good news : Chelsea was forced to draw with Wigan Athletics. This is absolutely brighten the Man Utd chance to win the EPL. Now Chelsea has to realize that they are 5 points behind the brilliant leader. It means that they have to really depends on fate, since the win over Man Utd in 26 April is just not enough.

I initially not so confident on the ability of Man Utd to win the prestigious title, but thee win over Arsenal ,and the draw result of Chelsea, makes me RELIEF. Credit to the very beautiful freekick by Owen Hargreaves; it saved the match. Though Arsenal played well, with their skills and speed, but if goal didn't come, they could not win. Furthermore, Adebayor had been the second Maradona, scoring goal using hand. That's why they lose; the early goal was not blessed. Haha..don't play dirty....

The trophy is waiting, just around the corner!

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