Sunday, April 13, 2008


Last Thursday, I had an interview for MARA scholarship. I did it beautifully, although not flawless, but still made me satisfied. Since I got holiday for my work at that day, I decided to go to Book Fair together with my friends, right after the interview.

But first, one of my friend, Naufal, wanted to buy a new handphone. He often get his handphone changes. His handphone, Sony Ericsson K 800 i, bought only 4 months ago. This time, he wanted to buy a Samsung handphone. So, we went to Pertama Mall.

After dealing very terribly with the seller,finally he bought what he want. Exiting from the complex in the afternooon, as I expected, was a hard job, because rain poured violently. I knew it before, because recently, there were also raining at the same time, although the timing quite random and unexpected. Since we are gentlemen who sould not bring together an umbrella for traveling, do or die, we ran in the rain towards LRT
train station.

The train traveled to Putra station. After reached the destination, we had to walk
again, in the rain, to PWTC, where the fair took place. But this time,walking to PWTC
is not complete without getting our cloth wet. Making thing worse, the rain became more violent. Then, we thought we have to wait, wait and wait, or just run, but wet.

Then, we looked at an Indonesian woman, selling umbrella. At that time, selling an umbrella was a brilliant idea, since people used to not bringing their umbrella together in a travel, especially for "gentlemen" like us. Many desperate people bought umbrella from the Indonesian. Why we didn't?

Well, we just felt ashame if we use the umbrella. We have to be a macho man. Then, we waited patiently. But still, the rain didn't want to stop. So, do or die, we finally bought the umbrella.

But until now,I am still amaze with the idea of the Indonesian woman. I think she is good in taking opportunity, and knows when people needs something. Maybe Malaysians always make laugh of the Indonesians and Bangladeshis but for sure, nowadays they are no longer a joke. They are now conquering the arena of business in this country, as we can see many stall are set up by these people. While Malays are getting more lazy day by day, these people can make up money in many ways, and at the
end, the one who beggaring in this nation, is the Malays itself.

So now what? You lazy or you die; you idiot or you also die!

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