Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today is Tuesday. Today is Earth Day. Should I greet anyone "Happy Earth Day"? That's not happy at all. Realizing what human has done to their own habitat is just another sad story.

Human cares money more than their home. That's why we are prefer to build buildings, throw rubbish without recycling it, and drive car like there are no other transportation. We always think with money we will survive in any circumstance. A good idea, but unfortunately it's so illogical.

People always say, money is not everything. I've stated this in the previous post.

Imagine this worse case scenario : The year is 2020. Technologies seems too smart compared to recent years. But people often forget. Petroleum in critical level towards zero. Though,they increase the unfortunate source consumption. Then, air contamination becomes global disaster. At that time, people are wealthy, thanks to fast-paced development. They willing to pay thousands for rising-price-medicine. As time goes by, plants faces extinction and no more cure can be produced.

Lastly, all people dies. What a very sad story.

So, if you don't want this chronology apply to the future drama, do something and don't do something. These are a few guidelines :

  1. Reuse your plastic shopping bags: use them as trash so as not to buy others that are more energy wasting; use them for storage.

  2. Use paper bags rather than plastic bags when you are given the choice.

  3. Use reusable grocery bags, which always have a lower environmental impact.

There are a lot more at Environmental Fact Sheets

Don't make it till too late!

1 comment:

maTAQ said...

very well said acap! clap2 :)

sbnrnye susah nak mendidik masyarakat ni dalam jangke mase yg singkat.. ape yg kite boleh lakukan ialah: mulekan dgn diri dan keluarge sendiri.. kite mendidik masyarakat, pade mase yg same menjadi contoh teladan buat mereka.. same je macam konsep dakwah, bile nak ajar org buat baik ni, ape2hal kite kene tunjukkan dulu.. barulah org nak ikut.. barulah org sanggup berubah..

bile pk2 balik memang seram jugak nak hidup zaman mase depan nanti.. hmm..

at least, org malaysia still ade kesedaran sivik lagi walaupun xsetanding org eropah.. orang arab? huh susah nak cakap~