Saturday, April 5, 2008


"Your mouth cannot show your brain"

I remember the story, that took place when I was in primary school.But I don't really remember in which year. One day, a new boy registered in my school.Malay boy. Right after that, he entered my class and introduce himself. Funny, because he could not speak in Malay language very well. It was sound ridiculous, the way he pronounced Malay words, plus the nervousness that he had.

After that humiliating intro, he sit on his chair. We, all classmate, could detect that he was maybe from a family who newly came to this country. Our instinct was right. He told us that he lived in US since he was a baby. That's why he could speak in English very well, but in Malay, he was a blunder.

Since there,he became famous. Everyone wanted to be his friend. The attractive force from a "foreign" student could not be avoided. Almost everyone thought that he is also a brilliant thinker and intelligent. English is an intelligent language, cynically they assumed.

Then,a test was held. There was five subject, just like in UPSR standard, that is Bahasa Melayu (2 paper consisting of Pemahaman and Penulisan), English, Methematics, and Science. The test was quite hard, but luckily I could score well in all subject. But the "intelligent" and "American" boy, could not score in any subject except in English.

I could feel that his popularity had decrease dramatically. After a few month, he left my school without any reason known. So, the conclusion is,don't look at mouth. Look overall at someone.

I don't write this post to insult English language. Instead, we have to remember that we don't have to look on what language people speak to know how the level of intelligence of someone is. Speaking English looks appealing and impressive, but that's not enough. That's why people in Malaysia always use English as a tool to impress everyone. Although it's really works, it is also nasty and non-ethical.

People only know your mouth is smelly or not, if you open it.

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HopefulPessimist said...

I agree.. english is important, yes, but what's more important is who we are as a person..

but having said that, learning languages will take us a long way..