Monday, March 31, 2008


"Imagine a world without unlimited freedom; there would be nothing but chaos"

Do you know what exactly "Fitna" mean? "Fitna" is an arabic word, which is mean "a news that not true at all". So, if you knew this, you could guess that the film, produced by the "real satan" Geert Wilders, is not more than a lie. Besides, the vision "to unite Islam and other religion through this film" is just a ridiculous idea, and so impossible to be done, despite the soft approach by the Vatican.

And now, you can start boycotting dutch product. But how? We just don't know how to distinguish that kind of product and others. Then, Mydin Supermarket came with a brilliant idea, I think. They label the dutch products on their gondola, so that customer know what they should do. I hope I could show you they image of how they do it.

Just do it!

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