Sunday, April 20, 2008


I'm quite "proud" and "glad" knowing my ex-school has made a title in newspaper again. The last time we did so was in 2005 when our school had a brilliant result in PMR examination. Yeah, that was the past. Now, they (I don't want to admit fully as my school anymore) also obtained a good result, but this time, in poisoning students. What a shame!

Though, the news seemed not surprising for me, as it was occurred a few times before. The hostel's dining hall had been closed twice, once in (I don't really remember which year) and the second time,last December. Calculating the period from the
time the dining hall closed last year, and the food poisoning incident, it just 4 months. For a school aged only 10 years, the dining hall that closed thrice in the period makes a bad reputation for it, as the school proposed to be the best school in this country.

123 students (what a beautiful number, though) was poisoned and suffered from diarrhoea, which was believed caused by maggots in their breakfast milk. 20 was reported in serious condition, but then they were allowed to stay in hostel after being treated by physicians.

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I don't where is the end of the problem.Food poisoning nowadays become the national issue. There were more cases reported to be occurred nationwide especially in primary school. For sure, if canteen tenders still feel granted and careless about
cleanliness and the quality of foods they serve, the food poisoning problem will never
could be solved.

Thus, I want to highlight some guidance on preventing food poisoning :

  1. Wash and dry all uncooked meat. Keep it refrigerated and separate from cooked food.

  2. Cook all meat thoroughly. Use left overs quickly.

  3. Keep all dairy produce in fridge.

  4. Store salads or dairy produce near to uncooked meat or poultry.

  5. Eat foods that have passed their `eat by' dates.

There's a lot more at this

Foods is a pleasure, and also a poison. Haha..

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