Monday, April 21, 2008


The first time I saw the satirical cartoon, I laughed.This cartoon is from Berita
Minggu. Cynical joke really works, especially in hard time where nowadays food becomes a major problem for the world. The cartoon also seems like want to tease me, who bring food from home to work everyday. It's a good way for saving money, but then, I have to think twice for it.

But it is not fair saying that only the price of rice that rise up in this time. Wheat also have the same fate. Thus, eating bread is not also a very good solution. Now, ask yourself : what to eat?

Still, we have to feel grateful of being living in this harmony and peace country, not burden with war, poverty and natural disaster. Government have plan to stabilize the market price of basic needs, but whether it will work is still a question. Hope that they can do it.

One of the reason of food crisis, as reported in New Strait Times is "nations have moved towards industrialisation, relegating agriculture to the lower rungs of their priorities". That's true. We are so passion to develop our nation, building highest tower, inventing best technology, until we almost forget how we are without food.

Besides, youngsters are now more choosy, prefer to work in chilly air-conditioned office, rather than making business in agriculture. If it's not the real problem, there's another. Maybe we can produce greater yield in agriculture, thanks to modernized machineries and effective plantation technique,but since we are more concern to build buildings for the sake of modernization, there is no land left for
producing foods.

Furthermore,"in the developed world, the cultivation of crops is now more aimed towards production of biofuels instead of food.". This shows that human is no longer is important to human itself. Although biofuels is essentials for the Earth survival,
I think there are many other alternative , and they are not harming human. For example, we can use cow dungs. Besides being a very good energy producer,using it means there are no cow dungs wasted on the road. Am I right?

Maybe there are many of us saying "Hey, we still afford to buy rice. I don't really care how much its price rise". That's only applied for you. Think of poor family. Think of those who lives in Africa. Think of those who depends fully on food aid.

Besides, the rising price is only the beginning. Imagine how it will be, if you have a billion dolar, but the food has used up. Can you buy a thing that do not exist anymore, even if you willing to pay a million dollar? Maybe we can still tackle the lack of fuels, but lack of food. Remember, "hungry man is an angry man".

In the end, the world will be in chaos, politics becomes a killing field,kids are no longer be an adult, just because of this vital thing. The Earth will destruct so as human living in it. Do you want these to happen?

Think again


Faizal said...

satirical cartoon works. i admit it. and one more, it makes people laugh alone.

maTAQ said...

kesimpulannye, bersyukurlah dgn ape yg kite ade/dapat hari ni sbb ramai lagi org lain xmenerime nasib sebaik kite..

"la'in syakartum laaziidannakum, wala'in kafartum inna 3azaabi lasyadiid"..


MindHeartBodySoul said...

Semalam lunch kat satu warung.
makan nasik goreng ayam, dah naik 30sen.

Siap taruk notice "makanan berasaskan beras naik 30sen"

小籠包Jason said...