Tuesday, April 8, 2008


I don't really know how the ridiculous word had appear in the media, but for sure, the Islamophobia is just a rubbish propaganda. I mean, ask yourself, what Islam had done to you, till you're so fear with it? The point is, if there exist terrorists from other religion, why there are no such term associated with the other religion?

Furthermore, there are actually some confusion in determining who are prey, and who are predator. After the 911 tragedy, people more likely act like a predator, who always put pressure on the innocent Muslim, make more insulting statements, instead of acting like a prey, always being hunted by the fear. This is really an ironic situation.

Islam is really a religion promoting peace and tolerance, just like other religion in the world. Don't blame on Islam fully, only because one or two muslim making chaos and trouble. The propaganda emerged from the hate of Islam have to be stopped, because all of their accusations are not true at all. If you don't know deeply about Islam, please don't make any wild statement.

That's all for this time. I will elaborate the topic deeper if I can do so.

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hisyam said...

yes, it is ironic indeed.
Just refer to the war that is going on in Palestine.
Could you believe that the cause of them taking up firearms defending themselves is considered as an act of

May Allah guide us ........