Wednesday, April 2, 2008


What a relief! That what can I say after man utd beat Roma away from home. But the amazing thing in the match is, the ability of Christiano Ronaldo. He did his job well, make a terrific header, with a brilliant accuracy, and the best if all, without anyone noticed it,even the spectator.

But the man of the match,I think,is Wayne Rooney. He controlled the game from every corner of the pitch. Park Ji Sung also made an improvement,although in the first half he couldn't make any interesting move. But in the second, he did a good job, and assist the second goal by Rooney.

But there still a match left for man utd. I hope they will not be preoccupied and feel too confident in the next match at Old Trafford. If they can go through, they have to face either Barcelona or Schalke 04 (but I think Barca; they have one-way goal advantage). There will be a long journey to become the champion.

Glory Glory Man U!

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