Wednesday, April 2, 2008


The story of Sufiah Yusuf has become one of the most discussed topics in Malaysia. Her mother was born in Muar, Johor. In addition, her study in Oxford also was sponsored by the Malaysian Government. No doubt that she actually has a relationship with this country.

Since the spread of the news, many people has given different respond.Some feel shocked, some sad, and also some show their sympathy. For me, I rather feel shocked, and that feeling attract me to read more about the story. I think that there are many story similar to this, but not being highlighted by media or being noticed by society. But this story just enough to make me realize how the world really is, cruel and unpredictable.

It's not too late, though. Malaysian Government intend to help her, back to the right way. As she is also a Muslim, there are an effort to stop her from doing the nasty job in future. The deputy of Minister in Prime Minister Department, Datuk Dr. Mashitah Ibrahim, is assigned to lead the mission named "Misi Selamatkan Sufiah" (Save Sufiah Mission). They plan to give financial support to Sufiah, if it's true the financial problem causes all of the consequences. They also want to bring Sufiah back to Malaysia, if they can do it.

To read more about the latest news regarding to Sufiah Yusuf, you may go to Berita
(in Malay language).


Faizal said...

I just can pray for her..

jamie said...

you got to be fucking kidding me??? helping a british citizen??? dont people realize that there are other desperate muslims who resorted to this kind of things here in malaysia? yes in our own backyard. why are we not helping them? this is utter bullshit!!

hisyam said...

Yes,it is true that this world is indeed cruel.

Let this story be a constant reminder to us that we cannot take things for granted

whitelily said...

do you really think that "we"..MALAYSIAN should help her???think twice..