Friday, April 11, 2008


A blogger, Raid Al-Saeed produced a film that will be the "counter attack" toward the insulting film, "Fitna" that produced by satanic Geert Wilders. It's a very simple movie, but still can give much impact to the world.

Though I'm not so agree on how he produced reaction towards the Fitna film (because Islam not encourage and hate revenge) but I do agree (I mean, really) with the opinion of the producer, saying that "It is easy to take part of any Holy Book that are out of content and make it sound like inhuman book ever written." Because Geert Wilders is just a stupid person; he don't really understand about Al-Quran, but commented about it like professional.

You are invited to watch this movie at Youtube.


hisyam said...

yes,it is our right to counter the attempt of Geert Wilders trying to foul the name of the holy Quran.

However,we must be constantly reminded that we must never go overboard so as to not fall for the trap of the infidels and start to behave violently.

Islam will always be the true religion. Allahuakbar.

Anonymous said...

Death Threats Counter: Fitna vs. Schism