Wednesday, May 14, 2008



i am holding a pen,
of the sight seen,
by bright of future,
i am still thinking,
whether 'yes' or 'no',
really mean for me,
or just a two-or-three letter word,
a pen is no longer
if there is paper,

signed -
that's makes the difference.

(6.00-700 p.m :no exact time, but for sure in Subang, Selangor)


Faizal said...

all contracts are agreement but agreement not necessary a contract.

just to share some knowledge base on the Malaysian Contract Act 1950

Just wanna inform, that I made some changes to the face of my blog

van der shraaf said...

hi faizal...

thanx for your comment...
this is a poem, so i don't really mind if people have very different interpretation...
a great poem makes everyone curious about it's pure meaning...
that's what i'm trying to do...