Thursday, May 15, 2008


I was really happy going to work. A trip that I has been waiting for. I didn't expect, through the journey, by only using an old motorcycle, I could see everything in the world, from present towards tomorrow.

The motorcycle moved slowly, though I tried to speed up. Sure it would never work. So, I just wanted to take a fresh air, slowly, breathing slowly, and moving slowly. For me, it was a beautiful morning.

My motorcycle was still moving, when I saw a brand new game. Played by young teenagers, boys and girls. They played it in playground, near the villager's hall. Till now, I don't know what's the name of the game, but from my observation and a little bit of logical thinking, I think the name is "baling-baling tepung".

Yeah, the game really interesting. That's why I want to share it with you. Just throw flour to your friends, and you "lari-lari", just like playing "kejar-kejar" but with a twist. Besides, there is no limitation on which gender play this game. It's open ; boy-boy, girl-girl or the best stuff, mix it
together. Moreover, you can play it after school, especially after feeling tired of being scolded by teachers many times. I ever saw them playing at that time.

In the other hand, it is a portable game. Now, I see the future of our teenagers. They are definitely creative.

Back to my journey. Then, after the fascinating scene, I continued my journey. After a few minutes, I reached the more developed area, I mean, the area that has a lot of shops. Honestly, I don't know what's the terminology refers to such area. Can someone help me? Thank you.

Then, I saw another spectacular scene. This time, involving kids of three. They were riding bicycle. Amazingly, one of the kids could do a very astonishing stunt- wheelie. My heart said 'wow', my mouth said 'gorgeous!', and my hand -- just pressed honk button, to show my amazement. This is only a bicycle, how about a motorcycle!

Then, my mind said : "What a enormous talents kids in this day have!". I really think they could be a good racer, and then show the world that "Malaysia Boleh!". Maybe they will be the second Shahrul Yuzy and even challenge the descendants of Valentino Rossi.

Finally, I reached my workplace. I walked in, nodded a little bit, and monologued "What a beautiful journey!"


kepalakotak said...

maybe you should call it the urban area. and the less developed, it's sub-urban. i'm just guessing. try ask master.

anyway, about the 'wheelie' thing, it's an extreme sport. not very good for health though.

van der shraaf said...

hi kepalakotak...

i don't think so...
urban area means a city or town, but this area doesn't look like a city nor a town...

do you take my word literally?
Don't do that, because this is only a
sarcastic article...

PrinCeSS said...

i never knew bout the 'baling-baling tepung 'thing..

well, kids these days are indeed creative & more innovative..??..^_^

MindHeartBodySoul said...

I can imagine the scene you mentioned from my point of view.

The kids probably lived in Bdr Sunway/ PJ area. Their creativity and spirits inspires them to create such 'baling-baling tepung'. I guess the ideas similar to 'paintball' game.

They might be can not afford to buy expensive toys from TOYs'r'Us, but I'm proud of them for successfully enjoy the game. I should watch them play and see thair facial expression.