Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I really love traveling, I mean not traveling into another country but rather just take a walk to cities, for instance Kuala Lumpur and Shah Alam. A part of a method of wasting money, it is also a good way to waste my time, instead filling it with boredom and routine.

And talking about traveling, the transportation I familiar to is the bus. Economic and effective. But now I don't want to talk about the benefits of using buses or whatsoever. I want to show you how bus can do a great transformation to this beloved country.

I took a bus, in order to go to Kuala Lumpur. Yes, as usual, it was full of humans. But the longer I sit in there, the more I feel about being in other country! Believe me, if you take a bus from Subang, then you might ask, "am I still in Malaysia?". There are more 'foreigners' than Malaysians in the bus. I can say that they make up of 90% of passengers.

Why Malaysians? Are we too lavish to use bus?

Put in the situation, made me very uncomfortable. It was more a torture than a joy ride in the journey that took about an hour. The extra was, the bus has been equipped with a perfume. In fact, there are free and won't need a cost, even a penny. Guess what? Thanks to the 'foreigners', the bus had a very 'fresh' smell direct from their body. I think it is better to call it 'raw', but people always say, raw is always fresh, right? A raw fish is a fresh one.

So, the moral is, just take a bus to enjoy an oversea scenery. It's easy!


hisyam said...

well,can't really blame them considering u are taking a bus from Subang. There certainly are a lot of foreigners there.

PrinCeSS said...

it's been a verryyy long time since i last experienced taking a bus..maybe 10 years ago??..
when people ask me 'how much is the bus fare?' or 'is it comfortable to take a bus?'..i have no choice but to say ' i dunno'
it's quite a shame coz i know bout korea's transportation better than my country's..