Saturday, June 21, 2008


I used to fear of learning. That's me. I mean, I fear of what will come to me, when every complicated thing for the first time come to life.

When I was in form 1, I was fascinated with every complex subject learned by form 5. I just couldn't understand how on earth they can calculate a lenghty equation very well,
and revising such mind-blogging science term. I thought that they were given a beautiful mind. From there I became very anxious about my future. Can I handle it? Is it so difficult? Can I compete with others?

Clock do stop, but time won't. Then, without I realizing it, I entered form 5, just the same level with whom I seen when I was form 1. Slowly, the so complicated equation, and hardly-pronounced terms,only became a part of my life. In the other hand, I become familiar with them.

Nowadays,I really think that the fear is only an unneccessary disturbance in my mind. Rationally, the form 5 that I had seen and me are belong to the same species, human. If they can do it, how come I couldn't? So, I bear in my mind that if a person can do an astonishing thing, so do I.

There are many thing that I fear of, but this, is ridiculous!

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