Friday, June 13, 2008


Surely, the rise of if oil price has become the most discussed topics nowadays.Everyone talking about it, especially politicians.
I really understand that such thing will burden citizen so much, but people really don't know what's inside the skin.

I mean, people don't realize that the increasing prise is caused by the decrease of oil reserve. As we know that oil is
one of non-renewable source of energy, we cannot hope that its stock will last forever. When the stock has narrowly used up,
of course the price will rise, even if the demand is the same. You can check this in economic book.

Thus, making this issue as a political issue is not a right decision,though it's a brilliant idea brought by brilliant politician.
Instead, it should be a global issue, since we are not alone trapped in this situation. So, if someone intend to bring down
the oil price, I afraid that it will shorten the duration of oil to face extinction.

And at that time, oil become a history, told by us to our grandchildren.

Just stop yelling at the government. What we have to do is, think about it. If you don't have enough budget on your fuel, then
reduce it. Or simply use public transportation. This is the time when we have to reduce wastage and appreciate what we have.

A new hope has emerge in the other side of the world, when Honda develope the hibrid car, which use hidrogen fully as its fuel.
I really astonished. But the problem is that the usage of hidrogen as fuel is not so widespread at this time and cause
its cost hill high. I think if everyone in this world has consciousness and commitment towards issues regarding
environment, this problem can be solved.

So, that it is. I don't know if people already have such awareness as I mentioned earlier. Yeah, I may takes time, but when?

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