Wednesday, July 16, 2008


(This is one of my works in journal. It's normal to have an out-of-context phrases and sentences)

Journal.My first thought about it is that this is a formal writing, like an academic writing. But after a comprehensive briefing of it, I feel enthusiastic about it.
I love writing. Writing is the opportunity to express my feeling and give my opinion about an issue since I am a kind of discerning man.

Journal is really good, but I have a little bit problem on handle it. It's not about procrastination, but rather balance. For your information, I have a blog in Blogger site. I just started the blog a few months ago. During the very long but tedious holiday, I did manage updating the blog at least thrice a week. I did it when in workplace that is a cyber cafe. It was holidays.Entering the university means I will have a bunch of assignments plus preparation to be done. In the other hands, I don't have much time on both journal and blogging.

Moreover, there is no internet connection in Kolej Cendana, the hostel I live in. I have checked the wireless connection using my laptop, and the result is negative. This college have two computer labs but it has been considered as 'the place for google and email only'. The speed is too slow. So, to accomplish my mission, I've forced myself to type my post first on notepad, then copy paste it on my blog when I have time to go to computer lab. That enables me for not spending too much time in the crowded computer lab.

The typing work is also essential for the TOEFL test. TOEFL requires me to be very good in typing and the same time do the whole process of pre-writing using the cognition process, without pen and paper.With an intense practice, I hope I will do well in writing section in TOEFL.

Then,how about the journal?

That's what frustrate me. I've been thinking about it. But then, I got a promising idea. The idea is : type the article first in notepad, then copy it on my spiral notebook using my own handwriting.If I do have time to go to the computer lab, I will copy and paste the typing post on my blog. That's it. With this synchronising mechanism, I hope I will sharpen my TOEFL writing skill, and at the same time
accomplish the journal works. That's make sense and will have a prodigious effect.

The TOEFL stuff is done. How about the SAT stuff. It requires me to use my own handwriting in the writing section. So,maybe sporadically I will change the mechanism a little bit; write first and the type. I also have to concentrate my writing class. Miss Farina (my writing lecturer) will going to give a gargantuan amount of in-class work. I must to excel in this.

That's all. Life must be organized well. I've plan my life but I'm not sure if I continuously work my plan. For me, just do it!


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