Sunday, July 20, 2008


If you can see how 'neat' my table is, that's what I can describe how's my brain is. After facing SAT in the great hall, added with arcane lexicon which is hardly to be understood, my brain becomes jammed. Furthermore, I have to finish space tunnel work, although I don't have a great role in it.

Having workload in university can be considered as a must for every student. I can't avoid this 'must-have stuff'. So, being a teenager who going to be a full-time adult have to think other than play and relax.

That's why I always remind myself not too feel burden if our lecturer give my friends and I bundles of assignment. Just look at them like my own friend. Besides, works will not arrive to the end once I will be graduated one day. If I want to stop working, be an animal. Being animal is easy;follow your instinct.

I hope you all can hear my morose voice and cry for me (haha). That's all. Just to release the steam in my head, so that the pressure inside can be reduced.


kepalakotak said...

giler ah!!!
baru brape bulan masuk intec dh jadik camni!!

tahap gaban ko punye usaha!!

PrinCeSS said...

how neat ur table is..^_^
keep working hard..all the best!