Friday, July 25, 2008


It's really frustrate me knowing how little my progress after 3 weeks in INTEC. I don't mean that I don't progress. But for sure, there are something that still the same as before : speaking.

I don't know what's wrong with me. When I stand up in front of the class, my mouth glued as if someone suddenly meet a ghost. And my brain freeze instead of thinking "what I wanna present?".If you say that I'm nervous, I'm not sure whether it's true but for sure, my hands not shiver during the 'horrible presentation'.

But when I talk with my buddy, everything okay. At least I can pronounce each word clearly, though not fluently. In the other hand, speaking with people, other than speaking with 'many people' is quite easy. No one will laugh to you.

Oh no. Sometimes I also get stuck when talking. Sometimes I just 'err..err' and sometimes my pronunciation is not clear. Whoa, what a terrible speaker I am!

Owh yes, I'm not talking about speaking in Malay for sure. Malay people speak their own language well, just like other people, for instance American and Japanese. In the other hand, speaking your own native language is not difficult, and shouldn't be difficult. It's one of our human instinct.

When it comes speaking a foreign language, that's a problem. For those who are seem to be familiar with foreign language (in this case, English) due to their background or everyday life, it's ok. But for me, who are born to be Malay, speak Malay, and surrounded also by Malay, it's very tough. I've trained my tongue intensively for long but still, yeah, Malay.

To add some spice to this problem, I will study oversea (insyaallah). So, it's a must for me to improve my English speaking skill or, wait for disaster! In about less than 1 year, I have to speak English as many as I can. But other than that, I don't know.

Is someone wanna help me to overcome this problem?! Or at least just give a little bit advise to cool me down. I really in desperation. I know I have to help myself but, I hope 'an angel' will come. Huhu...('huhu' is usually used especially in sms to express my sadness or if i don't have any idea while messaging with someone)


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hisyam said...

Slm van der shraaf...
My suggestion :
join the toastmasters club.

They will trained you to be an outstanding speaker.

Well, hope that's helpful.