Friday, August 8, 2008



I don't know why I love music. It hasn't came naturally.Yeah, I can't play music instrument since I was child. Listening of it just better. The interest came during my study in secondary school, in form 4. But since then, I have been a fanatic in music. For me, music is such essential as other thing.

Talking about my appetite, in which genre I prefer the most, actually hard to tell. I can accept any music, if and only if it's not boring and not mundane one. This doesn't mean I'm not choosy about the selection of music. In fact, I choose song that I like according to my instinct. It's simply if I like it, I'll take it and vice versa. Also, I like latest song, fresh from the market. If I get bored of a song after a long time, I might isolate that song afterward.

There are some songs that I would like to share with you (probably all of this is latest):

1. Chantek (by Altimet and Adib Fabulous Cat) : Honestly at first, I didn't like this song. But after a few listening, I found that this song is somehow amazing. I call this song as 'Polite Rap Song' Why? Because this song exploit the rap genre but still use the traditional elemets of Malay. In addition, the lyrics is suitable with the music and it also show the true way of love. How touching.

2. The Time of My Life (by David Cook, the winner of American Idol) : Somehow I love motivational song. This song is a good examplary of song that should be listened, full of meaning and feeling. I didn't watch the final of American Idol, but based on the lyrics, yeah, this is probably the song from the final, due to its motivational words. I didn't notice the talent of David Cook before, but then I've changed my mind.

3. Buit To Last (by Melee, a rock band) : (I'm sorry but in this post I will always use the word 'somehow') Somehow I love the rhyhtm of pianos in a band performance. Especially in the song that require much emotion. For sure, this band is not like Panic At The Disco before the Appearance of the 'Pretty.Odd' album. This band just similar to 'the Fray'. Piano harmonizes the lyrics and the rhytm together to make me feel, somehow (again!) feel like in heaven.

4. Beat It (by Fall Out Boys) : I think that you are feeling boring of such 'sof-hearted' song I've mentioned earlier. Now this is, although not so hard, still a rock song that I like. 'Beat It' is actually the song by Michael Jackson, added with spices. Besides, I think that this newer version is better than the Michael Jackson's.

5. I'm Yours (by Jason Mraz) : This is actually the first raggae song that listed in my favourites. For me, I'm not deserved to listen for this song, in the state of my 'singularity' a.k.a single status. There's no one to be devoted for this song. But caused by the deliciousness of it, I decided to just enjoy this song and make this as a motivation to search for 'mine'. Anyway, I really enjoy the lovely song. I won't hasitate no more......

There are actually tons of songs (don't worry, this is just a hyperbola) to be reviewed. If I do have, I'll give my opinion on several songs that I like very much. If you think that you want to try some, do it. Hopefully you won't regret (unless you feel a high degree of disgust). Bye!


hisyam said...

Slm van der shraaf...

Jst dropping by to say that I'm back from long "vacation". Plz check it out.

btw, the math and science carnival looks really nice.

Akumetsu said...

aku ske rock kapak! lalala~

Anonymous said...

no comment...hahahahaah....bdk cendana!!!! aku pun laaa

Muhafis said...

im yours by jason mraz is the best songs ever..=p