Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hello. There was a long time before I have the stamina and time to return writing my blog. Wow, I have been scrambled into numerous homework plus projects as I've written it in the previous post, only getting harder and larger in number.

Last night was the worst conflict. At one time, I have to concentrate on preparing for my pre-calculus test and finishing the radiodrama project. It seems not a conundrum at all, not so arduous. However, the real problem was everything seemed to be wrong. For example, I had to print my group's radiodrama cover. That supposed to be simple, but absolutely not if you reside in Cendana College. Unlike us, Cemara College's residents, in the other hand, could find themselves easily print their materials due to abundance of cyber cafe there. In Cendana, we only have Dawood Restaurant, Indon stall and Baitul Mukhtar Cyber Cafe.

Then, there was another problem. The only cyber cafe here doesn't have the necessary software, so we had to find internal source, that is, other students. (Actually it's easier to print from student's printer, but I didn't want to burden them, unless, yes, in this case I was in desperate form.) Then, the printer didn't work. The time was 11.00 p.m. I still hadn't study precalculus for the next day test. So, I told to Amin, my teammate, that I was to surrender. Amin said no, don't and shouln't. I thought studying precalculus in the meantime was better than waiting aimlessly for printing magic.

Then, at 1.00 a.m something, my roommate said that the printer worked well when they used it. I wonder, why not me? So, at rush I tried again printing the cover and alhamdulillah it worked. I felt relieve despite having insufficient revision on precalculus. Finished at 3.30 a.m, I landed my head on the pillow accompanied by headache and confusion.

Well, that the bad part. Today, after answered precalculus test (not so well, but still satisfied) and submitted the radiodrama, suddenly I feel like in heaven. After struggling in the miserable horror mundane insipid day, I think I manage to escape from it and find out that today is much better. Besides, I suprised that my bank account, from below RM 20.00 , gained into more thanRM 300. (Actually I have expected the gain because my short story was published in a magazine, but I didn't expect that amount of gain. ) Alhamdulillah again...

So, after every struggle we face, there will come joy and happiness. Although I'm not good in handling pressure, I wish I could improve this weakness.


PrinCeSS said...

it's been a long time huh??
yeah, happiness comes after all the hardships
btw, happy belated birthday..^_^
mine was on 18th september..

hisyam said...

Slm van der shraaf...

Long time no see,man (in the world of blogging, of course).

Although I don't know what the hell is radiodrama, nevertheless, congrats on getting through the trouble.

btw, best of luck on your upcoming SAT test. And come and visit my house this upcoming raya, if you've got the time.

And last but not least, Aidil Mubarak to you in just a few days left!

Muhafis said...

van der shraf..
enko pun suke gune belanda nie ek..
klu ak van der wick.. huhuh

actly enko stdy mane skrg?
bi enko fluence.. bole aja ak pasnie.. sorry disturb.. lalu2 je nie. dr blog puteri.