Sunday, October 12, 2008


I wish I could learn it all. We were taught once in reading class about 'weasel word'. What is it, somebody would ask me. Alright, weasel words are words that commonly used in advertising, and it actually embellish or exaggerate what the product could do. For example, a facial scrub may be depicted as 'can make you younger' although the fact is, the product is not god (In fact, God cannot make a person younger literally)

I hope the term of 'best effort' could be eliminated. I think the term is so popular many telecommunication company make use of it. For me, best effort means "we try for it, but surely we could not achieve it". Then, no wonder 1 Mb per second doesn't feel like 1 Mb per second. (If not, then why couldn't we download a 5Mb song in only 5 seconds?) Those who can check their internet speed, they would find that the acquired speed is far less than the promised speed. So guys, make your effort in improving your service, not only your advertising.


HARYA said...

gler ar..
weasel words..
lagi aku xsgka..
fuh!!! (tabik spring)

hisyam said...

well can't really blame them now, can we?
we do have to take in mind that some of the companies tend to focus more in their advertising campaign rather than their product. it's all part of the marketing strategy.

For example, if we were to compare Dell's products against Fujitsu's product, in terms of their advertisement and customer's feedback or services, Dell certainly makes it to the top easily. But when we compare against their quality, Fujitsu's certainly better.

In the end, it's all within the customers' choice to select which product or service to use.

Though I do agree that some of the products these days are really lousy. At least Dell's making a lot of progress to improve their product, isn't it?

van der shraaf said...

thanx 4 hisyam for a good comment
(I have expected that since he is a account student...huhu..)

well, I don't blame them 4 using such words....just be careful that customers nowadays are more aware of what they buy...they don't just buy, they evaluate....for me, advertising goes along with quality..