Sunday, October 19, 2008


I wish I could fulfill one of my ambition: to make everyone happy. I think I'm half done now. Being a happy person actually sacrifies many things. Sometimes when I am in unhappy moments, I could not manifest to all. By the way,my friends begin to appreciate my effort; at least my presence felt.

I wish I could be sentimental enough.Sentimental is me actually. People just don't know about this. Yesterday, one of classmate cried suddenly cried when she was presenting her group campaign (At that time she was telling about a life of alcoholic person). Then, after the presentation finished, I asked one of her team member (we had to present our campaign in group, so does she) if she really cried. I mean, if that crying is just a gimmick to impress our lecturer. Then,he told me "No, that was spontaneous cry. We didn't plan for it." I accepted that, but as usual, I cannot easily trust anyone. I told him "If I knew such acting can be done, I would have done it. Even crying". All my friends laughed, "No, I can't believe if you can do it. You simply cannot do it". I know what he wanted to imply. I am so funny as I cannot even act as a emotional person. My radiodrama is a very obvious example (I acted as a dying person, but unfortunately my acting was so empty with emotion, it didn't sound like a dying person).

Don't worry man. I accept it as a compliment. Not a vilification.


Faizal said...

salam my bro. I thought you no longer blogging until I got your comment recently. good luck for the final bro.

PrinCeSS said...

you're a 'MAN' huh..:)
just wonder, how an emotionless dying person sounds like??..^^