Sunday, November 16, 2008


Instead of learning how to drive, i think I am more interested in learning cooking. I don't know how to cook, except for cooking 'mi sedaap' (my expertise) and drinkable water (?). Two reasons for this:

1. Influence from cooking shows. Seriously I have been addicted to cooking shows from Asian     Food Channel and Discovery Travel and Living Channel long time ago. What invites me to see such shows is that the food showed in those shows look so delicious I use it as my 'appetite catalyzer'. Meaning when I have lunch or dinner, then I will sit in front of television and eventually food in front of me become more appetizing. Time to time, I find out that cooking is not hard as long as I start learn and practice it everyday. In fact, cooking is just about skill(cutting, grating e.t.c), ingredients (accurate in selection and measurement) and creativity. 

2. Since I am going to live alone in other country, I will have to search for my own food soon. If I am lazy enough, Maggie might seem the only option. But then can I live with just consuming such food? Surely not. Considering the outside food, I think it is costly and according to other's experience, halal food is difficult to find. So, the only option is cook.

I just don't know where to start. Maybe, hmm, rice?


FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

i know where should u start...
egg and water..

HARYA said...

next sem..
bring rice cooker...
we cook together..

aisya said...

hihi. cook. cook. then, teach me. xD