Saturday, November 29, 2008


Yesterday, Syazwan and I went to INTEC. Then, we headed to Mid Valley Megamall.
Me,posing like a model

After dinner, Syazwan passionately suggest me to go to 'the Garden'. I asked him what the heck is that. He said the place for rich and famous. At that time I did not know what interesting there, but since I just got bored strolling around MidValley, I followed him.

At first, I was captivated by the shiny escalator there. It is so different with the escalators in MidValley. It looks so well managed because if you take a look at it, it seems to be cleaned everyday especially at the handle (or the most accurate, the place we put our hands when using escalator).

Once we reached 'the Garden', I was entralled again. 'The Garden' is full of luxury shops. None of them second class. No wonder why there were fewer visitors there compared to in MidValley.

We are second-class people who don't deserved to go such place. So, we just window-shopping. I took a glance at watches displayed in a shop. Wow, what the heck! A watch priced RM 10000++!
I showed to Syazwan that watch.

"You haven't looked at others".

He brought me to other shop. Now, it is Rolex. At first I couldn't see the price because the price seemed to be absence. I assumed the watches had lower price compared to the previous. It looked like vey simple and not so techno. Then, I found the price tag after looking at it a long time. It was behind the watch.

RM 80,000++?
Which one? This?

Yup, the blue one worth RM 80,000++Syazwan showed a face of fascination!

I don't know how to describe my feeling. I think it is 'confused'. How on earth a human willing to spend such amount for just a watch? Syazwan questioned the same thing. Better to use handphone for timing. Economical and practical. It is not worthy to wear a watch which so vulnerable to lost and theft.

Then I remembered Syazwan's quote on describing the place : "This is the place for rich people to throw out their money". Well, you are too right.


a d a m said...

haha...the garden...sama cam ko gi pavilion jek...adik beradik...

aisya said...

:P sumtyms, these ppl just don't know how to spend their money. huhuu.

btw. dpt klas mne? :D

PrinCeSS said...

'murah'nye jam tangan tu..
rather than spending rm80,000 just for a single watch that u can't even know when it will be stolen, better use it for better helping the poors..
ade juga faedahnye kan..:)

Anonymous said...

dh cek kelas?mu kelas gapo?