Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I cannot sleep right now. If you take a look at the time this post was published, it was around 4 a.m towards 5. It is not because I am suffering from insomnia, but rather because I slept earlier before. Though it is not a long nap; I started to sleep in front of tv from 1 a.m until 2 a.m. Then, I went up to my room to extend the period but then it was failed just like the night before I took the driving test.

So, as usual, I was willing to try. Firstly I listened to music. Preferably, soft music or ballad. Not worked, though. So, I read books bought recently. Two books, and still not worked. I tried to shut my eyes. Slowly I had a feeling to sleep but not sleep yet. When eyes closed, too many thing popped up in my mind.

Then, I remembered about the Champions League matches. What a relieve! At least I have an excuse for not to sleep tonight. Although it is not Man Utd match (already held yesterday), I just want to watch. Tonight is Liverpool and Chelsea's turn. I prefer Liverpool and hate Chelsea (literally). Tonight also features Barcelona (one of my favourites team besides Man Utd and Bayern Munich) but unfortunately there is no live telecast on tv.

The second half of Liverpool vs Marseille just began.


Anonymous said...

klau ngantok krela bulu2 kambing2 biri2..xpn wat listening section toefl kt laptop..hu2..juz my 0.000000001cent opinion~

aisya said...

toefl. hahahaha.! cnfrm tdo. xD

fauzan said...

be it positive or not, our body has its own biological clock. we must train it according to the best sleep habits possible.