Sunday, November 9, 2008


I really could not wait to be in holiday when i was in exam mode. I thought of doing these 3 things: game, tv and sleep. Then, something bad also pop up in my head suddenly: learn to drive. Well, this is actually one of the most feared thing in my life, seriously.

No, it's not about being coward. If that the case, why I can ride a motorcycle in highways, though it is more dangerous than the car itself? Well, the fear actually comes from 'the absence of interest'. I though having a motorcycle license is just enough. But then, my mother coerced me to learn driving. She argues that the law may change and this will make things difficult in future. Well, learning to drive in when I work is more difficult than the present time. At least I still have times to do it.

Before I enter the INTEC,I already learned 2 times. The teacher was so, hmm, 'garang' and perfectionist. He expected me to not making a single mistake. He also always compared me to girls who, according to him, drive better than me. Come on man, I just learn, not a frequent driver before.

(Ni yang nak lepas geram sikit ni) A man, when teaches another man, will be a little bit wilder and fiercer. Contrary to this, a girl will be treated well when the same case take place. I think this is quite common in my life. When I was in secondary school, our 'ustaz' or male teacher often made offences against male students, arguing that girl students better than us. I have been sick of encountering such ridiculous thing.

Bck to my driving story, I started back my driving lesson days yesterday. The mentioned teacher taught me and again, did the same thing I told u earlier. What I did?'Buat bodoh je'. Then, I had to face another driving lesson a day later, that is today. So, last night I could not sleep, thinking about the next day. When I was about to close my eyes, I thought of being scolded badly the next day, and then I opened my eyes again.

Thankfully, today is not as bad as what I thought before. The mentioned teacher were not going to teach me; instead he was replaced by another teacher, but better. I compare my driving today, and I think it is better than yesterday. For a man who haven't drive for 3 months, it is quite an achievement.Tomorrow, I will have my pre-test before my JPJ test in 20 nov.

Now, I think i can drive.


aisya said...

haha. reallyyy? u sure?
im goin to take my drivin lesson real soon.
if wt u've written is rght. i really hope i can get the driving license without much problem. haha. *wink*

hisyam said...

Well, honestly, the JPJ test was a piece of cake. In fact,(not to boast), I didn't really learned anything from the driving school. Needless to say, the test was a joke as it didn't really covered many crucial points to be tested when you're REALLY driving on the road.

Most of my experience came from the actual "scolding" from my parents and my actual driving on the road. That's when I learned that driving is not really a laughing matter at all.

But anyway, happy driving then. Beware of female officer in charge of testing your driving, as they can get nastier than the male.

Note: Akif kena ngan pompuan officer, dia kena leter memanjang sepanjang dia test driving mase tu.

HARYA said...

gudluck 4 ur test..
leyh jdi driver aku nnti..

nurilhakim said...

Slm ziarah..haha..mantap amek sains marin pn taktau ada ikan cikgu..em jap..xle detect a..sape ni a?nk rmi kwn, kne taruk shoutbox.slalunye org mls tlis comment nih..leceh..