Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, it is confirmed that Fatwa Council now forbid yoga for Muslim. I knew it from the Buletin Utama. I don't feel upset about that but for those who has been practicing it and even campaign for it (yup, some of my classmates) the decision might have some effect on them. Pity on them.

By the way, it is more appropriate to practice other type of exercise such as aerobic or poco-poco (i'm not sure if it will be forbided in future,hehe) and the best one is solat. It is like two purpose in one work (pray and exercise).

I hope that this issue will not be like the 'pengkid' issue. Just keep in mind that the fatwa only apply for Muslim, not others. Unless other religion ban it, the exercise can be practiced by non-Muslim.

Wallahu A'lam Bissowab.


a d a m said...

huhu...tapi bukan ker BOLEY dia amalkan lagi selagi tak de mantera, pemujaan, etc. ? tapi dia kata dinasihatkan utk jauhi amalan YOGA...ker mmg HARAM se HARAM2 nyer? aku lupa da berita semalam...

thalhah said...

HARAM kalau ada mantera dan puja2 an
seingat aku yoga yang ori ada 3; utk kesihatan, penyucian diri dan pendekatan diri kpd tuhan(dalam konteks ni bukkan tuhan kita lah)
plus mantera baca2 hape jadah sume
tu yang buat HARAM tuh..
klu stakat practice bse2 je sure no problemm

Anonymous said...

yup no prob klau xde mantera...btw, why shud malay yoga practitioner care about 'mantera'?...hu2..