Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I would like to wish congratulations to all ADFP's students who have their SAT marks read by themselves; some make some happy smile, some sad (and even cry!) and others, like me, indifferent. By the way, you all had done your best and this is far more meaningful. At least, if you failed, you can still proud of your effort,hence put some cherish in your broken heart. For those who yielded excellent result, hopefully you won't stop there, but keep climbing the stairs.

Success is not a destination.


ct.mashitah said...

oit2... yg cry tu, aku trasa laaa..... hadoi. ;p
bila fikir2 balik, myb it's not my fault afterall.... soalan die susa sgttt.... slh soalan. hahaha.
lg 1, aku ngn wahid dh berazam n b'kputusan bhw kami xpnh pn repeat sat. anggp je mrkh2 tu xpnh wujud. hhahaha.... ;p

van der shraaf said...

huhu....aku punyer pun lg rendah drpd yg 1st...

ct.mashitah said...

haha... anyway, jmpe ko sok kt intec. ^^

FaRHaN SyAHiR said...

ak sme je..
math tron ckit..