Sunday, February 8, 2009


update: i just changed my username to be : ashraf ishak. Our name is our virtue,ya!
I newly joined facebook. This is just an attempt for something new; other than my usual preference that is Friendster. Right now I am still discovering what's really good about this social network website. Hopefully it is as good as millions of people out there talking about. 

For those who already have or at least intended to join it, you may add me as your friends. I'm new! [Actually I still do not how to add people other than type in a name in the box, located on top right corner. If you want to do so, my username is Van Der Shraaf, okay?]


ryhaann said...

okeh. aku add kau. kesian. hahahaa! :D
p/s: wahie tade facebook ke? =P

van der shraaf said...


aisya said...

hihihi. tulis la dlm bm.
first sentence : saya baru 'join' mukabuku. :P haha. (join ape ek dlm bm? haha)

van der shraaf said...

wahai aisya...'join' dalam bahasa melayu bermaksud 'menyertai'..tu la..asyik belajar guna bahasa Inggeris sahaja

ct.mashitah said...

acap, our name is our virtue. hikhik. ^^

van der shraaf said...

aku amik drpd lagu i'm yours...

kepalakotak said...


xperlu letak sorry kot
bkn salah