Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Compliment (pujian) is not the goal of your education,for sure. We are success because we are good at something. Nevertheless, compliment always be a credible indicator for the greatness of someone.

Thus, if there is a group of people at one place, and suddenly a person from nowhere gives compliment for only one member of the group, what the other members of the group will feel? Of course they feel it as they are left out (not "Left Out of The Briefing") and abandoned. It is as the person implies that everyone except for the person who got the compliment is bad. 

That's still okay if it is not excessive. There are people who excessively give compliment to others. It is like he or she is reverring the person. Surely this can annoy others. Yup, including me, who have the reputation of having Inferority Complex for a long time.

Just to remind you, this is only a note from a temporarily-emotional-man. Man is not always emotional,though!


ct.mashitah said...

laki jugak punya hati.. chill2..

Zafree said...

baru jer dapat pengalaman nie ke acap?


afiQFaiz said...

salam asrop~~ cool bro~~ cool... dun let the emo thingy get u~~ =P

kepalakotak said...

ape yg berlaku?