Wednesday, May 27, 2009


(Maaf yang ter-amat sangat kerana ter-tulis dalam bahasa Inggeris. Sekali sekala ter-paksa berlatih disebabkan skill yang kian mengarat).

I think I know one of the causes of my inferiority. I've been jealous for those who got attention more than mine. Some people are so easy to get attention, even if they are not asking it. And, some people, always hunger for other's attention until they willing to do anything for it. Both cases, unfortunately, don't applied to me. I am just a quite man with no intention to be an intention-getter. 

Still, I am envy of them. It feels like the world has not fair to me. I am the one who always victimized by such unequality. Yes, I am comfortable with myself. I won't publicize myself only for attention. But as a human, envy and jealousy is one of my inborn feeling (in psychology, it is called "Unconditioned Stimulus"). Even worse if others who often get attention smile and happy while at the same time, the untreated of me, feel morose and dull (not sad). 

(I think that even if I act as an attention-getter, people won't glance at me. I feel myself as a not-so-improtant person. Really.)

I just want to write this as to convey that even an inferior and lack-of-attention person have a strive for attention, although they are not capable to. Thank you.


kepalakotak said...

melankolik sungguh.
kalau ade attention tu, ko nak wat pe?
nnt ko segan2 gak.

ct.mashitah said...

aku pn mcm tu... =(

ps: aku rase cm aku attention getter yg xdpt2 attention. ;p

van der shraaf said...

ala..aku bkn nk pon attention tu...cume jealous skit ngan org y g ade attention ni...

jgn putus asa..hidup mesti diteruskan...

a d a m™ said...

the more attention u get, the more problem u'll get
-adam b. watson(2009)

ct.mashitah said...

xde attention pn byk problem. ye x acap??
terutama dgn maryland nih. *sigh* (aku sorg jela yg byk problem pn)

van der shraaf said...

"no attention, no life"

btol2..aku setuju amat sgt...

aisya said...

ktwa kuat2. :P
msti org attrcted. haha.