Saturday, May 30, 2009


Maybe it's too soon for me to say no to Twitter which is recently the gargantuan phenomenon in the United States. I haven't tried it yet. By the way, that's the case : i couldn't try it because it doesn't permit me to do so. Here's the (brief) story :

As usual, when I heard something 'bam boom' like the phemenon of Facebook, I eager to try it. The same went to the Twitter case. I think, if something is very popular, there must be anything interesting in it.

Thus, (just a few minutes before I was writing this post) I went to the website,, and signed up in a few clicks and typos. I was impressed, even though the worse yet to come. Then, I was asked to give my email address so that they could grab contact in my email and identify if any of them has a Twitter account. After the initial setup finished, I was brought into my very own Twitter profile. So far so good, for that very moment.

A profile looks dull without a profile image, right? So I went to the profile picture page and uploaded, as usual, my green apple picture. Suddenly, I was brought into login page. I was not panicked, for the fact that some social network have to verify its user's identity. Thus, I typed in my user name and password. Guess what, those cannot match! I tried several times, but still failed to login. Then, I clicked on "Forget Password?" link. They asked for my email address so that they could reset my password. You know what? Still failed, and in a more annoying cicumstance, displayed "We couldn't find you" largely on the screen. What the heck.

I couldn't accept this, not because I couldn't login. It's simply because it's illogical. At first, they could grab my contact with my email address I provided earlier, but then they couldn't reset my password with the same email address? Ridiculous. Maybe I made mistake, but after checked and double checked and triple checked, is there any room for mistake?

To be fair, I should try Twitter later, although I should make another profile. Nevertheless, first impression do count, and Twitter, unfortunately, gave a bad one to me. 

P/S: Twitter is developed using Ruby-On-Rail. I've heard this platform is not so reliable. That's why I love PHP. Huhu


inas said...

the only social network service i'm currently using is friendster, although ppl seem to be interested more on facebook n myspace. do u have one?

twitter? mmm.. what is TWIT actually? does it 'twit' sumthng? so the system is called TWITTER?

mmm.. what is PHP? ;p

van der shraaf said...

i used to have one friendster profile, but since i met facebook, the latter seems more alluring...

if u can see, the symbol of the Twitter site is a bird..the twit is actually the bird's chirping sound..this site is basically the sharing of status (a brief statement about less than 140 words )between users...this short statement resembles the 'twit' sound...for example, if a user is on love, he could write "I'm in love", and publish it so that everyone knows about it..

php is a dynamic web programming enables a website to be more dynamic with the implementation of server, unlike a plain HTML website..

syah!rseph!roth said...

ko masuk fake web address kot...slalunye fake web address mmg gitu, saje2 nk curik password or emel ko untuk dijahanamkan

kalo x silap rr