Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Things are happening here, but uncertainity is yet to come...

I'm counting days for the States. Though I can say I'm now in holiday, I'm not actually is. There are many things to do which requires me to travel out of home almost everyday. If my home is far from INTEC, I may have the same fate with Niro's, who's now only got home for three days, although the holiday has started two weeks ago.

(Sorry, the intro is not so associated with what I want to share)

After went to the embassy last week for the interview, I start to be anxious and nervous about the fact that I'm going to the United States. The most noticeable thing is, of course, the accent of the American. Here, we speak English as if we are speaking our own mothertongue. There, they have no other language except English. Now wonder they can speak in a variety of hard-to-understand accent and more frightening, the speed of their conversation. That often make me hard to spill out my words although I can speak English though not fluently.

Second thing, as expected, the food. As a Muslim, I know my responsibility to consume only halal and good food. In Malaysia, such thing is not really a problem, although some people may mock this thing as a conundrum (I'm quite annoyed with those people who always say "this is not halal" while the label says differently. They haven't seen how hard to find halal food oversea). Maybe this is the thing I have to put on the top of my list. Hopefully, with the fact that my university is near to Washington D.C, I could get halal food easier.

The last but not least, and yet, the thing that I fear the most, is my own Iman. Here, the environment is still Islamic. There, I just don't know. For sure, it will be the matter of my own. Nobody is preventing me doing anything, and nobody is ordering me doing anything. A freedom which is somehow preferred, and somehow forbidden. I always pray, that my Iman will keep me who am I now, and if possible, change me to the better.


ct.mashitah said...

hurm.. part2 accent2 tu, sume org pn takut kot.. tergagap2 mase kt embassy.
byk kali kot "excuse me?" time kt kaunter. :P

part mknn tu, aku rase ok je kot.. :)
plg2 kte bli telur, scramble, mkn ngn roti. oke? ;)

em.. part2 iman tu taktau la... huhu.
tp blh je kot b'usahe mengprevent bnde2 ngarut..
join la ade grup islamic association ke ape tah.. (tp aku tau la grup tu wujud)
tgk kt sane cmane. :)

aisya said...

hee. ashraf ngn mashi masakkan utk aisya.
aisya jamin msti halal kn. :P

ryhaann said...

aisya ni keje dia makan je. ishk3
acap, no worries. after awhile, we will get used with the accent. :)
all and all, good luck to all of us! :)

van der shraaf said...

x per2..bak kata org, pepandai la idup..

kalo bleh masak x per jgk..masalahnye kalo kite dpt dormitory instead of suite, mcm mane nk masak...mane ade dapur..

hope so..gud luck for u too

aminh said...

yo acap!

enta boleh lakukannya!

Anonymous said...

1. Bersyukurlah kerana anda telah dipilih oleh Allah untuk terus meneroka dan mempelajari tentang kebesaran Allah SWT.
2. sentiasa ingat Allah diwaktu senang atau pun susah;
3. sentiasa ingat Allah diwaktu suka atau pun duka;
4. sentiasa berharap pertolongan Allah dan jangan berhenti dari sentiasa mengharap pertolongan Allah;

van der shraaf said...

>amin kepala kotak
syukran jazilan atas sokongan anta..kalo balik msia nnti main ar futsal ek

syukran juga atas nasihat yg bergune itu...