Saturday, July 25, 2009


His real face is not as funny as the above though...

I tried to join Twitter again despite being disappointed twice or thrice. This time, I sign up a new account. I know this trial is no different with the previous one. At first, I was quite preoccupied with following more and more person. But then, after a not-so-short while, I pondered : "And then what?". I just didn't have any idea of what i was going to do besides updating those "tweets". That's the problem. Soon, I just let it go on and do-stupid (direct translation for "buat bodoh") of it. It may useful when I arrive in the States.

Alas, the best thing I get from the Twitter is having closer to Jason Mraz. I follow him after find him in the network. You know what, I can say he is a genius in music. If you say music is an art, then listening to artists like ******* and ******* won't help. His music is the real deal. When you are listening to the rhythm, you will soon realize that the rhythm is really in sync to the lyrics. In fact, the lyrics itself, despite the fact that it sounds like jumbling and juggling words, has its covert meaning you need to discover. That's the beauty of music this genius has produced.

Another good thing came after it. He tweeted his blog address, leading me to his personal blog. I don't really read his posts though, but getting there already a satisfaction. Nevertheless, his writing is also as entertaining as his music. Full of inspiration, and of course full of comments not like mine lol.

Hopefully he'll be coming to Maryland after I arrive there.

P/S: For those who have Twitter, follow him @jason_mraz.


Fyzal said...

jason is one of the his music too bro!

Fyzals Territory

van der shraaf said...

he is the best..sometimes the music of "back-to-the basic" form is much preferred than the modern stream..

Zafree said...

ko jemput aa beliau gie maryland


Fyzal said...

how life kat sana bro?

van der shraaf said...

nnti la dowh..x pegi lg..jgn risau, dlm plan..

sane tu mane bro? maryland ke? saye x pegi maryland lg ar bro..bln 8 ni

Fyzal said...

so sekarang ada mane?

bro..baru follow your blog from Fyzals Territory

van der shraaf said...

skrg ni kt rumah..tgh berbosan-bosanan