Tuesday, July 28, 2009


A Manchester United player talks about computer? It's ridiculous!

I watched Buletin Utama on TV3 last night. As usual, at several occasions there are companies which take chance from a vast stream of viewing count by adverstising their product. It may sounds like a news but it still promote that particular companies.

This time it's about a local multimedia company which wants to introduce its product. Guess what it is? It's a file encryption. In a simpler word, it's a software that protects your files in computer by locking them using password.

At first, it was told as a software which protects your files in computer. I told myself "Great, there must be a very unique way other than using password". I was quite impressed until the manager of the company explains that this software uses password. Now, it's clearly a too typical imitation.

I don't really want to criticize too much. Just put it in this way: If you want to make a good product, maybe it's not a good idea to produce things that people can download it for free from Internet. This type of encryption software, can be easily found on Internet. Unlike this product which you have to pay at least RM 50, you can have your own encryption software for free. Why pay more for the same product you can have for free?

By the way, if the product is really good and make worth your penny, then it's still okay. I just don't really like the idea.