Thursday, August 13, 2009


We know his name, but do we know his look? Is it like the above? Not really.

Sincerely, Uncertainty has many nicknames. Challenge. Frustration. Fear. Joy. Promising. Pessimist. Uncertainty is always a part of out life. Whether you like it or not, you have to live with it. Best of all, it's us who could give its own nickname.


Syazwi said...

life, as Allah has created it, is beautiful. it's good to have uncertainties in life; so that we can train to be certain of ourselves. ^_^

van der shraaf said...

Albert Einstein once said:
"The most certain thing in the world is uncertainty"..Allah has His own planning, and we, as His slave, should pertain to it

ct.mashitah said...

acap, aku x phm. =.='

van der shraaf said...

x payah ni mmg abstrak skit

Anonymous said...

wey, ak ada mock SAT kames nih..

bg tips sket..

org cam ko msti dapat 6/6 tuk writing sect an?


van der shraaf said...

huhu..kalo SAT ni, kene byk practice kot..pastu SAT word tu kalo bleh gune jgk dlm writing..aha, kalo wat esei tu, letak la sebanyak mane isi penting..asalkn logik n relevan..

haha..mane ade 6/6..aku dpt 8/12 je..(yakni 4/6)..x hebat pon