Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Jangan risau. Saya gembira disini.

Honestly saying, I'm interested in many things. Interested in term of curiosity, of the strive to know more about philosophy, geography, physics, biology and even how to play drum. If possible, I really want to know everything in the world. However, if you really want to take seriously about your interest, you have to know yourself first. My case is not a dramatic example, but it still an example of a person who cannot be everyone.

Though many of us hate History, I love it. It's kind of a funny confession (who on Earth love history), but I unfortunately do. As I said before, it is just all about the curiosity. In history, I can see the dynamic of mankind travelling through space and time; of every action matter which eventually lead to others. The bottomline is that I am not a good reader. I used to, but now I am too lazy to read. Making things worse is the language, English, which is not my native language. Surely I can read, speak and write well in English, but not as good as native speaker.

Then, when I have to take the history course, I feel being burdened too much of these problems. Too much reading to be done, and everyone around seems to understand faster than I. When discussion is held, I could participate, but not as good as they are. They are capable to explain precisely on a particular topic while I , as a non-a-decent-English-speaker, just can explain it vaguely. Though I am not giving up yet, I still feel the pain of those weight.

Now I just have to be grateful of being in Computer Science major. I have to admit that this is my true talent . Although my eyes have been exposed to the laptop's ray for a long time, I still haven't had to wear a spectacle. It's still a talent, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

ya, later on u wil wear specs.. hee..

ohw, american history huh?

of cuz the natives know more than u do.. they hd learnt it though b4..

i guess.. hehe..

guess how wil they react if they learn m'sian studies?


Fyzal said...

selamat berjuang di sana saudara.

Fyzals Territory

Mind Heart Lines

fzh90 said...

what's wrong with wearing specs?

van der shraaf said...

that's what i call a challenge. i love challenge, although it has to be within my capability

thanx. doakan saye kt sini

nothing wrong with it. it just want to show that I still have good eyes despite the so-called "age factor"