Saturday, October 24, 2009


Library is the source of knowledge

(TA - Teaching Assistant; the one who gives more comprehensive teaching after a lecture. He or she is similar to tutor)

I always tell to everybody that I'm not a good man. Yup, you may not see this, and you still say the opposite. But believe me, after I tell you this story, you might want to change the initial perception.

Again, this story happened at the Geography class. We had a multiple choice quiz. As usual, I had prepared in advance for the quiz, although I didn't study much. When I entered the class, I saw almost every student was studying chapter 5, while at that time I thought the quiz actually from chapter 5,6, and 13. I was really sure that I was right because I did take note when our TA informed about the quiz last week. Nevertheless, as a safety precaution, I read a little bit the chapter 5.

When the quiz sheet was distributed to me, I was quite happy. I was right. Those who had read only chapter 5 was really disappointed. With confidence, I answered the questions one by one quite easily. Anyway, it was just 10 questions, and all are multiple choice, except one. To my surprise, the last question was not multiple choice. It was so surprising because geography quiz was always multiple choice. Making thing worse, this is probably the only question I had not prepared for. Here's the question:

"What is your TA's name (first and last name)"

P/S : The next time around, please know your teacher's name, preferably the fullest name.


syahirsephiroth said...

xboleh bla soklan last die

van der shraaf said...

tau x per. aku tension gile sbb soklan aku bleh wat. soklan tu je kantoi. aku sbnrnye tau name TA aku tu, tp aku x igt last name dier je. lol

meanie ninie said...

haha! now i remembered about our lecturers in intec yang mmg peculiar about spelling their names right! :p

van der shraaf said...

tau pon. diorg selalu je nk suruh spell name diorg btol. kalo nk letak nama, nama penuh2 plak tu. adoi

Eddy said...


van der shraaf said...

yup. naseb bek ko igt