Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thanksgiving and Aidiladha is so around the corner. As both of them is coming nearer, more people eager to give me presents, which is an unprecedented moment in my life. It was not a bunch of gifts, just only a few but still cherish me in the days of holiday. Let's check it out:

From : Toshiba
Gift : Free Windows 7 (!!!!!).
Remarks : Sorry for the childish row of exclamation marks, but for me, the gift is totally awesome. It is actually a part of my Toshiba laptop purchase. There are three reasons why I should be excited. I've been waiting for three months to get the OS. Secondly, I got it the very few days before the thanksgiving break. Lastly, I will have plenty of time in this holiday to split my hard disks to several partitions (I want to install several OS in this laptop), format this laptop and get a brand new breath of my laptop. Cool, huh?

From : Koofers
Gift : Free RED t-shirt
Remarks : It is just a plain dull t-shirt, but the thing is, it's free. I highlight the "RED" word because the t-shirt only adds the collection of red t-shirt of mine (on the list : 2 Manchester United jerseys, 1 Selangor jersey, 2 Maryland t-shirts , a collar red t-shirt, and I expect more to come). Don't blame the shirt.

From : Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak
Gift : Warm visit to Malaysian Embassy, Washington DC
Remarks : I'm still wondering why I could not see him in Malaysia but instead a thousands mile away from there. By the way, I was an incredible dinner. The best part is, I got chance to chat with him, although just only for a few seconds. I just forgot to tell him "Dato', saya juga ingin menyampaikan salam dari bapa saya, mak saya, kakak saya, adik saya etc."

P/S : Happy thanksgiving to all American friends, and Salam Aidiladha to all Muslim friends!