Saturday, November 7, 2009


Every time I want to study, I always remind myself that I want to work for Google, one day. It sounds so impossible, but it's not. Because I'm in the United States right now.

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Anonymous said...

US- so called land of opportunity..
perhaps U can if google apply affirmative action..

*u r minority there... takde dah bumiputera to help u..=P

hisyam said...

Slm bro, lame ak tak komen kat sini.

Anyway, its good to hear that u r interested to work with google. Sbb tmpat tu kire one of the best place to work in terms of working environment (google tempat kerja die) and of course salaries.

Tp klu ko dh nk keja kat google, sape yg nk kerja ngan ZHA nnti. Huhu ^_^.

van der shraaf said...

kt sini ade je org melayu, tp skit ar. x rmai
i just want to work with the best. but too much competition and i may not get it.

小籠包Jason said...