Wednesday, November 4, 2009


(This offer is applicable only for those who currently living in the United States. Sorry for the rest of you)

Playstation 3 and Wii, if the price of both is sum up, it would be more than USD 400. What if I tell you that you can get them for free! It sounds so impossible that at first I could not believe it. However, after many people have gotten their PS3 and Wii for free, I was convinced that this is not a scam, lie, or whatsoever (Honestly saying, I used to be cynical of stuff that sounds too impossible such as Pyramid Scheme, MLM or etc, but this time it is for real).

(I almost forget that actually you also can grab cash from this link. So, for those who almost broke, this is the chance to get extra buck!)

How to get the (virtually) free Wii or PS3:

1. Register through links provided below.

2. Receive only one offer in the website. (At this stage, you might have just USD 10++, but this is worth it since you will get a more lucrative rewards. Just compare USD 10 that you spend with the PS3 or Wii worth USD 200++ that you will get)

3. Refer the offer to at least 7 different people. They have to register using your link that obtained from the first step.

After completing the three steps, you are on your way to get your free Wii or PS3 or cash. Too good to be true, but unfortunately it is so true. What you waiting for? Click on links below to get the real thing!


Zafree said...

kalau aku menang tapi ko x menang mesti ko bengang kan?hahaha

van der shraaf said...

ni mane ade kalah mng. ni boleh kate sume org bleh dpt. bknnye competition dong

Zafree said...

owh ye ke?

kalo aku dapat tapi ko dapat pun ko still bengang gak en?

haha :p

aku still xde kepercayaan kat mende nie. hehe~

van der shraaf said...

hurmm. x kot. wat ape aku nk bengang. kalo dh dpt tu, dpt je la. haha

x said...

cmne pun cap, ko tetap x dpt, dan kamera aku lagi mahal dari harge total dua makhluk itu! huahuahua!!!!!

van der shraaf said...

hoho..tau la ade dslr..siot..