Monday, January 25, 2010

Beloved English Teacher

Gerard Butler can act, but can't teach English.
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The very first class of this semester gave a very frightening impression for me. I won't get above C in my English class. Why? Because my lecturer looks similar to Gerard Butler in 300. Yeah, except he did not the sword. With his beard and sharp eyes, he gazed around the class while talking, making the class more silent than ever. He insists of endeavoring hard for the class, but how can I achieve it in a class lead by Spartan? Unless I go to war against Persian, I will never win the war against ENG 101. What a mess.


a d a m™ said...

engko: this is madness!!!

cikgu ko: madness?? this is SPARTA!!

van der shraaf said...

actually aku pon terpkir lecturer aku tu wat scene tu. dh ar muke sebijik.

kepalakotak said...


ak baru je tgk law abiding citizen. butler mmg ganas r, cmne bole ajar org bi?

van der shraaf said...

sbb dier ganas ar dier ajar BI. kalo x, bdk2 wat maen je subjek tu. haha