Monday, January 4, 2010


Dream Big!

I know New York is kind of "dream city" especially for those who come from outside of United States. That's why I was so anticipated I was dreaming of going there when I had my final exam. Then, that dream has come true. I went there for real!

I don't know if I ever could explain all places we went, but the highlights are Empire State Building, Madame Tussaud Museum, Woodbury (?!), Statue of Liberty (only from far) and Times Square. We went there on the right time, when the New Year came and the end of year sale was held. However, we got the wrong weather, where it reached -8 Celsius, making us frozen in that busy city.

Here I would like to thank Syahir Sephiroth , Nash, Afa and Adibah baek for providing us accommodation throughout our visit in New York. Enough said, it was a great trip no matter how much I spent during the trip.

I am strongly agree that "pictures worth a thousand words", so I would like to let them do their work. So guys, feel free to check out on these links to see our pictures in the trip.

Pictures from Arif-yg-bajet-hot:

Pictures from Nazhif:

Pictures from Aisya:

Pictures from Nash:

Pictures from Afa:


kepalakotak said...

aku lebih rindu KL. kan?

van der shraaf said...

aku rindu malaysia. Kl tu x sgt ar.

Wo0dBuRy CraZEe said...

aku rindu sane gak acap...
tp xnmpk pon gamba woodbury?